Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Clara's DVD is now in stock!!!

Thanks so much for waiting. We are excited finally have the DVD's to ship out to all of you who pre-ordered and now we are accepting all new orders.

Clara is pleased with how it turned out, and she is amazed that we got video onto all these small records!

We hope that everyone who pre-ordered is enjoying the DVD, thanks so much for your help in making this possible.


  1. i pre-ordered and my mom loves her copy!!! thank you so much clara for inspiring so many of us. you are a treasure.

  2. this may sound silly but I think this makes a wonderful gift for people who are learning to cook too! I was always looking for easy tasty meals when I was a newly wed wife who knew nothing about cooking...
    I will be ordering!

  3. I received my copy of Clara's DVD and I love it! I would enjoy seeing more from her. I will order the cookbook whenever it's available.

  4. So where do you order the DVD?

  5. Order the DVD here:

  6. Precious Clara,
    You are a joy and a delight in these days when everyone is in worrisome times. You are so genuine and remind me so much of my own grandmothers who have gone on before us. Thank You so much for sharing your memories with us and thank you to your wonderful grandson Chris who treasures you for sharing you with us also.
    A friend not far from your Melrose Park home, in Illinois
    Cindy Felix

  7. Let's cook the Federal Reserve and go back to a barter system!