Thursday, October 15, 2009

Meet Clara in New York City

Clara will be in New York the week of November 16th instead of next week, so she will not be doing the book signing this coming November 4th at the West Village Barnes & Nobles. Stay tuned for more details.



  1. Bummer! I live in Florida. Come to Florida Clara. It will be a nice vacation.

  2. OH I'm sooo excited!! I found your videos a few months ago on You Tube and today I remembered them. I clicked over and found out you have a book and this great blog!

    I can't wait to follow you!! You are such a sweetheart! Thank you for passing on your wonderful knowledge and stories!

  3. I came over here from "The Not so Perfect Housewife" and I am just as excited as she is!! I have preordered your book and sharing your story with friends and my mom as well!! SOOO looking forward to getting it in the mail :)

    When will you have followers so I can return and learn more !!!

    Bless You Clara!

  4. Just found your site today - and looking forward to watching more of your videos, and getting a copy of your cookbook. :)

  5. The first Cooking with Clara is up!! Stop by and see how I did.